Slim in 6 Rapid Results

Slim in 6 Rapid Results
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slim in 6 program

Slim in 6 - The Fastest Way To A Slim Body!

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  • Slim in 6

    The secret to Slim in 6 is Debbie Siebers' technique called Slim Training, which combines fat-melting cardio moves with light resistance exercises to help you tone and sculpt your body without ever getting bulky.

    The slim in 6 nutrition and weight loss program provides a holistic approach to help reshape your body in as little as 6 weeks. Thousands of people have enjoyed Slim In 6 and you will too. Slim in 6 takes an easy and holistic approach to fitness and exercise with the goal of reshaping your abs, thighs, buns, and hips in 6 weeks time.

    FAQ #1. Do You Still Need To Watch Your Diet?

    Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

    slim in 6 workout

    3 workouts for amazing body-slimming results

  • Start It Up!
  • The introductory Slim in 6 exercise video that shows you the very basic training moves for burning calories and toning up your body. (25 min.)

  • Ramp It Up!
  • Phase two of the workout program that is designed to help you burn more calories each day and accelerate your results. (48 min.)

  • Burn It Up!
  • The final phase that delivers results and helps take slimming and toning your body to the next level. The Burn it up phase is where the total body reshaping occurs. (60 min.)

    Slim In 6 → The Science Behind The Amazing Results

    The science behind the program is the right combination of diet control and workout patterns to help you get the changes you are looking for. Slim in 6 uses the unique Slim Training technique to bring to you amazing results in 6 weeks.

    Debbie Sieber's Slim in 6 program will move you through 3 levels of intensity, while over time toning your body and sculpting away fat while at the same time increasing your endurance, energy and strength.

    By exercising the same muscle groups 6 days a week (one day for rest), Slim in 6 stops muscles from bulking up, giving you a leaner, slimmer, more toned up body. If you trust Debbie Siebers and put forth the time and energy to commit yourself to the Slim in 6 workout program, you will have noticeable and effective results Guaranteed!

    Tools for tracking your Slim In 6 Progress

  • Simple Steps to Success!:This guidebook helps you squeeze the most out of your workout program for your best results.

  • Step-by-Step Eating Guide: This guide helps you make the right food choices so you can drop the weight faster.

  • Motivational calendar: Chart all of your results and progress with this unique calendar.

  • Tape measure: Hit your fitness goals and celebrate the victories by tracking your success with this tool!

  • Free online support: Get nutrition and recipe tips from those who have been right where you are with this amazing peer support.