B-Lines Resistance Bands

B-Lines Resistance Bands
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B-Line Resistance Bands are an ideal way to increase resistance and intensity in your workouts. Get ready to achieve dramatic body transformation results when using these exercise bands conjunction with any workout program.

B-Line Resistance Bands have been proven to be as effective as weights, but with the added convenience of being easy to carry around. The B-Lines Resistance Bands are the perfect accessory to your P90X Extreme Training System and ChaLean Extreme workout programs.

You can order individual bands, or purchase a complete set. Below, you will find a description of each band, as well as a breakdown of each kit.

Why Use B-Lines Resistance Band?

* They provide variable resistance throughout entire range of motion

* They control the tension by shortening or lengthening the band * They're portable and convenient—perfect for travel or at home * You can use them for total-body sculpting, toning, and fat burning

* They includes soft B-LINES Comfort-Grip Handles—good for all bands

Resistance Levels by Color:

* Black : 50 lbs.

* Green: 40 lbs.

* Magenta: 20 lbs.

* Red: 30 lbs.

* Pink: 15 lbs.