P90X3 by Tony Horton

P90X3 by Tony Horton
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P90X3 Base Kit

Why does Tony Horton love P90X3? Two words. "Accelerated Results." Those two words are behind Tony Horton challenging himself and rolling up his sleeves to set out and create something truly revolutionary. He took everything he learned from P90X and P90X2ócoupled it with new science that shows intense 30-minute workouts can get you in better shape fasteróratcheted it up a few notches. The result? Short, targeted, intense workouts that take just 30 minutesóbut leave you looking like you've been at the gym all day, every day.

FAQ #1. Do You Need To Watch Your Diet?

Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

What The P90X3 Box Includes

    • 16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs
    • Plus, 5 Free Gifts
    • Fitness Guide
    • Nutrition Guide
    • 90 Day Workout Calendar
    • How to Accelerate Intro DVD
    • 24/7 Online Support
    • Power Up Workouts Exclusive P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD
    • Extended 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

P90X3 Workout Titles

P90X3 Base DVDs

These 16 workouts make up the 8 DVDs that come in the P90X3 Base Kit. The workouts are broken up into 4 main categories- Resistance, Power, Cardio, and Core-Flex-Balance.





1. Total Synergistics

2. The Challenge

3. Incinerator

4. The Warrior

5. Eccentric Upper

6. Eccentric Lower

1. CVX

2. MX

3. Accelerator

1. Agility X

2. Triometrics

3. Decelerator

1. X3 Yoga

2. Pilates X

3. Isometrics

4. Dynamix

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P90X3 Extras

P90X3 Free Gifts

P90X3 Nutrition Guide & Fitness Guide
The P90X3 fitness guide allows you to hit the ground running which includes a step-by-step guide for how accurately complete each exercise in P90X3. The X3 Nutrition Guide is the most innovative meal plan yet that strikes the right balance between healthy eating, affordable eating, and tasty eating.

P90X3 Intro DVD & 90 Day Calendaró Stay on track every day with the P90X3 90 day calendar that takes out all the guesswork. You'll know exactly what DVD to push play to any day of the week. The P90X3 intro DVD sets the tone of your next 3 months. Don't overlook this vitally important DVD that explains what you're getting into and how to stay the course.

P90X3 90 day guarantee

P90X3 90 Day Guarantee, Extras, & Payment Options

    • P90X3 comes with an extended 90 day money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your workout results anytime up to 90 days after you purchase, send it back for a full refund (less S&H) no questions asked.
    • We accept PayPal with full buyer protection along with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
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P90X3 Agility X DVD Preview