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p90x2 base

Developed by the original extreme home workout Power series creator, Tony Horton. Tony looks to 3-peat what started with Power 90 and P90X with his 3rd extreme workout P90X2. The X2 base kit is the best way to introduce yourself to this radically new program.

The base kit was ideally designed for the exerciser who simply wants to test the water, build an X2 base, or may just need to conserve funds for a while. The P90X 2 base kit offers you everything you need to get started without all the bells and whistles.

If advanced P90X2 workouts or specific P90X2 equipment is not what you're looking for, this is the right kit for you. The base kit comes with the same base workouts and tools the Deluxe Kit and Ultimate Kit come with.

The Base Kit Comes With:

      • 12 Workout DVDs- 12 New workout routines
      • 1 "How To Bring It Again" DVD- Learn About X2
      • 1 Exercise Guide- Detailed guide to each X2 exercise move
      • 1 Nutrition Guide- Vegan & Vegetarian friendly
      • The 90 Day Calendar- Highlights the 5 day a week regimen
      • 2 Bonus P90X 1 on 1 Workouts- 4 Legs Workout & Upper Body Balance

The 13 P90X2 Base Kit DVDs

1. How To "Bring It" Again - The P90X2 How To Guide.
2. Recovery and Mobility - Stretching and the importance of recovery emphasized here.
3. Chest, Back & Balance - Exercises include 3-ball plyo push ups, and 4-ball push ups.
4. P.A.P. Upper - Post Activation Potentiation (Upper Body)
5. P.A.P. Lower - Post Activation Potentiation (Lower Body)
6. Plyocide - X2 is about vertical (up & down) and lateral (side to side) jumping moves.
7. Base & Back - A combo of plyo and pullups. Tony calls it the "Mother of all workouts."
8. Balance & Power - A unique combo of balance exercises and strength components.
9. Yoga - A constant flow approach to yoga, eliminating the standing balance moves.
10. Ab Ripper X2 - Fifer Scissors with a twist! and other moves like the Abronome!
11. Total Body - 1 DVD tackles the whole body with the use of the stability ball.
12. Shoulders & Arms - Moves using instability & medicine balls to improve strength.
13. X2 Core - An intense blend of plyo and core exercises. The next level of core synergistics.

3 reasons why p90x2 beats p90x

Reason #1- You Get Better Results Over P90X Exercising Only 5 Days A Week. The shear fact that P90X2 is based on a 5 day per week regimen verses 6 days a week like P90X is a big indicator that the program packs more intensity into its routines. If you are time challenged and could use an extra day to yourself than P90X2 will be a much better fit for you.

Reason #2- The P90X2 Nutrition Guide is light years ahead of its P90X predecessor. If there was any one complaint that users of P90X had it was probably with the nutrition guide because it lacked variety and adaptability. If you're someone who has a precise eating regimen like Vegans or Vegetarians, the P90X nutrition guide do not consider your eating habits. Contrast that with the P90X2 nutrition guide. It takes into account over 60 different easting habits and preferences. Much work was done to the nutrition guide to make it usable to all kinds of people while at the same time using the latest health research to make sure it was up to date and accurate.

Reason #3- P90X2 Is A Cheaper Option. This is not to say that P90X2 costs less than P90X, because in fact the base kits are the exact same price. How P90X2 may cost you less is you simply will skip the old version. Let's face it, if you start with P90X and know there's a newer updated version, you're probably going to want to at least check it out. Thereby you end up buying two programs. Starting with P90X2 will be more than enough to keep you going a long time with the likely hood you won't look back.

p90x 2 faqs

Q1. How Do I know I'm ordering From A Legit Site?
This is a fair question seeing as how there's bogus websites out there selling bootleg versions of P90X & P90X2 everywhere. The best way to identify a genuine distributor of authorized Beachbody merchandise from the fakes is the price they sell their merchandise at. Beachbody allows retailers to sell their products only at the retail price that they set. In the case of P90X2 that would be $119.85. Retailers are given leeway into how much they charge for shipping and whether or not they want to charge sales tax (we do not), but that's all. Anyone selling P90X2 for less than $119.85 is selling you pirated goods.

It may seem like a good idea to save $20 or even $30 and buy a lower priced P90X2 base kit. This "savings" can end up costing you more in the end though. About 25% of all the P90X2 purchases we process are from people who originally purchased a pirated program and either got DVDs that didn't play, they skipped or they didn't even get the program at all.

Q2. What happens if I buy the P90X2 Base kit but later want to upgrade?
All of the items that come in the deluxe and ultimate kits are sold separately. If you feel the need to add the two P90X2 Advanced Workouts, they're sold separately for $59.85. You can also order the Stability Ball, Medicine Balls, Push Up Stands, and Foam Roller as separate items from this site.

Q3. Should I start with P90X or P90X 2?
Although not required that you begin with P90X you should have a solid foundation in extreme training before attempting P90X2. This is not a program you want to attempt with any potential disadvantages weighing you down. You want to be the most prepared possible to give yourself a much needed leg up for success with P90X 2. Tony Horton mentioned that graduates of Power 90, Insanity, Turbo Fire and other higher level workout programs would suffice as proper ways to begin before jumping into P90X 2.

Q4. Must I complete P90X before starting P90X2?
This question kind of ties in with the one above. You do not have to begin with P90X before starting P90X 2. In fact by skipping P90X altogether you'll save a nice bit of money that may be used towards getting a higher level kit like the Deluxe or Ultimate. However, starting with P90X has many advantages. One of them is getting your body prepared mentally and physically for round 2. Going a full 90 days working out 6 days a week, as is the case with P90X, will prepare you mentally for the 5 day a week P90X2 routine which will increase your odds at sticking with it.

Q5. I'm a Vegan. Does The P90X 2 Nutrition guide offer vegan alternatives?
One of the major changes with P90X2 is the upgrade of the nutrition guide. The nutrition guide is rather an index made up of about 27 "mini" guides. These guides cover an extremely wide variety of personal eating habits. The range includes vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets as well all many others. If you have a strict diet, are allergic to certain foods, or need to substitute items due to other reasons, the new and improved nutrition guide has you covered.

Q6. What happens if I don't like P90X2 or can't do it?
p90x 2 90 day guarantee Anytime during the 90 days you have P90X2 and you feel it's not right for you simply send it back for a full refund (less S&H). P90X and P90X2 both carry a full 90 day money back guarantee making them both the most "risk free" in home workouts sold today.

Q7. Do You Need To Watch Your Diet?

Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

The Scientific Approach To P90X 2

It’s been said that there’s a thin line between genius and madness and we couldn’t agree any more. In order to ensure that P90X 2 had the right amount of genius we decided to enlist the help of a true expert. Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project have been enlisted to preside over Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board and ensure that the evolution of P90X and muscle confusion is bar none.

With P90X2 one of the most sought after fitness experts Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project (who had previously only been available to world-class athletes), will now with just a push of the DVD play button be available to you.

Less = More With X2

X2 is designed for maximum intensity and efficiency. In fact, the completely redesigned program still has a 90 day timetable but will be so intense and efficient that it will only require a 5 day a week commitment. Unlike P90X that was 6 days a week. Why a 5 day a week workout regimen you ask? tony horton ripped

Training only 5 days a week with P90X2 may have some confused, especially when thinking back that P90X was a firm 6 day a week program. However, remembering what you learned from P90X: that your body can only really properly recoup and grow while you rest is how “Less is More” starts to make sense. The evolution of P90X has delivered to us a program that is all about efficiency. P90X 2 will be hard yet efficient training that allows the exerciser to “earn” 2 full days off.

Muscle Confusion™ Part 2

At the heart of the P90X franchise is the idea and science of muscle confusion. P90X was the masterpiece that delivered this decades old concept to the masses. P90X2 will undoubtedly up the ante and bring us all a fresh new series of muscle confusing exercises that will hit every area of our bodies. P90X2 will deliver new movements, sets, supersets, and complexes that are going to have your muscles so bewildered, they'll be screaming out for Tony to stop the madness.

What To Expect From The P90X2 Workouts

Foundation, Strength, and Performance are the three different aspects of your fitness that P90X2 will focus on to improve. Just as P90X evolved into another series of Muscle Confusion exercises, so will your body. By starting with the foundation, P90X2 will help you build strength by eliminating instability which will in turn create a powerful exerciser who has overall improved performance.

P90X2 will quite literally pick up where P90X left off 7 years ago. However much has changed in the fitness and exercise world since then. P90X 2 embraces new research and applies what P90X originally brought to the table as well as adding in the last 7 years of research and sports medicine science to the program. The end result will be that absolutely anyone from aspiring 10K athletes to professionals of any sports and fitness genre will benefit from it.

What About The P90X2 Fitness & Nutrition Guide & Calendar?

p90x 2 fitness guide

P90X2 Fitness Guide →
The X2 fitness guide is designed to explain everything explicitly and clearly to help you make sure you do everything RIGHT. There's nothing worse than going through the program and finding out you were doing an exercise wrong.

A few of the X2 workouts have been dubbed "exercise multitasking" which means you're doing several things at the same time while using multiple pieces of equipment. The fitness guide can easily explain precisely how to do these exercises so that nothing is missed and you leave nothing on the table.

P90X2 Nutrition Guide →
With the original P90X program the nutrition guide was probably the most underused and under appreciated part of the program. This should not be the case with X2's version. It's packed full of information, recipes, and clever ways to help you stay on track nutritionally.

The X2 nutrition guide is really a compilation of 27 "mini" guides merged into one. There's sections for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and about every other food specific eater imaginable. It also includes nutritional supplements like recovery drink and protein shakes, which was sorely missing from P90X's nutrition guide.

90-Day Workout Calendar →
Don't even think about starting P90X 2 until you review the 90 day calendar. This is where you're given the opportunity to attach a before pic of yourself and write down your beginning measurements for tracking purposes. It's hard to know how far you've come if you can't remember where you started.

The P90X2 calendar gives you an opportunity to review what's ahead so you can plan out your week and let nothing interfere. The 90 day calendar is a small and often overlooked asset that should be utilized regularly.