P90X2 Medicine Balls

P90X2 Medicine Balls
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Essential P90X2 Equipment: The Medicine Ball

Now that P90X2 is available, there's going to be a few pieces of equipment any X2 fan is going to need. The P90X2 medicine ball is a low cost accessory that will take your chest workout results from eXtreme to eXtraordinary.

 P90X2 Medicine Ball

These medicine balls are sturdy enough to balance on during certain workout movements and heavy enough to help you sculpt your abs and other muscles. These easy-to-use, popular resistance tools are great for targeting your core, sculpting your abs, and improving flexibility, strength, and stamina. (Used also with Tony Horton's One on One and Power 90 In Home Boot Camp)

With P90X2 the idea of adding in a measure of instability throughout many workouts is evident. A particular workout called "Chest Back and Balance" uses this technique to take push up exercises to the next level. Tony decided to create exercises like Plyo pushups that use 3 medicine balls. You also have exercises like the 4 ball push up that requires you balance your hands and feet each onto a medicine ball while doing pushups. Itís a move that really makes you engage your core and gives an instance total body burn.

To get the absolute most from your P90X2 workouts like "Chest, Back & Balance" you're going to need high quality medicine balls. The workouts will be humbling at first but after a few times will create not just the ripped look that P90X'ers are after, but a core that is truly "tree trunk" strong and healthy.