P90X2 Deluxe Kit

P90X2 Deluxe Kit
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The Deluxe Kit: What You Get For $239.70

p90x2 deluxe

The Deluxe Kit is ideal for someone who has a little extra money to devote to their program and needs the equipment. The deluxe kit comes with everything the base kit comes with, plus a few one of a kind extras. This is what you get specifically:

      • 12 Workout DVD's- 12 New workout routines
      • 2 Bonus Workouts- V-Sculpt & CST advanced workouts
      • 1 "How To Bring It Again" DVD- Learn About MC2
      • 1 Exercise Guide- Detailed guide to each MC2 workout
      • 1 Nutrition Guide- Vegan & Vegetarian friendly
      • The 90 Day Calendar- Highlights the 5 day a week regimen
      • Two 8lb. Medicine Balls- Shred your chest muscles with these medicine balls
      • 1 Foam Roller- Used during warmups and Recovery & Mobility Disc
      • 1 Big Blue Stability Ball- A little instability engages your core

The 15 P90X2 Deluxe DVD's

1. How To "Bring It" Again - The P90X2 How To Guide.
2. Recovery and Mobility - Stretching and recovery emphasized here.
3. Chest, Back & Balance - Exercises include 3-ball plyo push ups, and 4-ball push ups.
4. P.A.P. Upper - Post Activation Potentiation (Upper Body)
5. P.A.P. Lower - Post Activation Potentiation (Lower Body)
6. Plyocide - X2 is about vertical (up & down) and lateral (side to side) jumping moves.
7. Base & Back - A combo of plyo and pullups. Tony calls it the "Mother of all workouts."
8. Balance & Power - A unique combo of balance exercises and strength components.
9. Yoga - Everything you hated about P90X Yoga has been fixed with X2 Yoga
10. Ab Ripper X2 - This is more like Ab Ripper squared.
11. Total Body - A head to toe workout that can't be explained, it has to be experienced.
12. Shoulders & Arms - You'll want to show off your guns after this workout.
13. X2 Core - Develop your core using instability here. The Next Level of Core Synergistics.
14. V Sculpt - V-Sculpt is going to be a Back/Bicep killer.
15. X2 Chest, Shoulder & Tri - Similar to P90X with different sequences and exercises.

The P90X2 Fitness & Nutrition Guide & Calendar Explained

P90X2 Fitness Guide →
The X2 fitness guide is designed to explain everything explicitly and clearly to help you make sure you do everything RIGHT. There's nothing worse than going through the program and finding out you were doing an exercise wrong.

A few of the X2 workouts have been dubbed "exercise multitasking" which means you're doing several things at the same time while using multiple pieces of equipment. The fitness guide can easily explain precisely how to do these exercises so that nothing is missed and you leave nothing on the table.

P90X2 Nutrition Guide →
With the original P90X program the nutrition guide was probably the most underused and under appreciated part of the program. This should not be the case with X2's version. It's packed full of information, recipes, and clever ways to help you stay on track nutritionally.

The X2 nutrition guide is really a compilation of 27 "mini" guides merged into one. There's sections for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and about every other food specific eater imaginable. It also includes nutritional supplements like recovery drink and protein shakes, which was sorely missing from P90X's nutrition guide.

90-Day Workout Calendar →
Don't even think about starting P90X2 until you review the 90 day calendar. This is where you're given the opportunity to attach a before pic of yourself and write down your beginning measurements for tracking purposes. It's hard to know how far you've come if you can't remember where you started.

The P90X2 calendar gives you an opportunity to review what's ahead so you can plan out your week and let nothing interfere. The 90 day calendar is a small and often overlooked asset that should be utilized regularly.

Is The P90X2 Deluxe Kit Right For You?

tony horton p90x2 exercise

When compared to the P90X2 base kit, the deluxe version is quite a step up in cost. For the extra cost you get some really cool one of a kind accessories that are utilized 100% in this program. The foam roller is a very neat item that cannot be bought anywhere else.

If you have a little extra cash to devote to this workout and you're positive you'll use it every day as soon as you get it, why hold back? The deluxe kit strikes the perfect balance between cost and return. Providing you with 2 extra workouts, and all the unique accessories, all the while staying below the $300 mark.

If you're hung up on cost, think about it this way. By comparison a typical gym membership at a larger chain can easily cost $50 a month if not more. In leas than 5 months of having your gym membership the P90X2 Deluxe kit has already more than paid for itself. Not to mention you have it and everything that came with it for the rest of your life totally paid for.

Now how's that for getting the biggest bang for your buck?