P90X2 Stability Ball

P90X2 Stability Ball
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Essential P90X2 Equipment: The Stability/Balance Ball

Because P90X2 adds in the whole new element of instability while doing exercises to gain greater core strength, a Balance Ball is crucial to making this happen. The P90X2 workout entitled "Balance and Power" focuses on form, balance, and core stability. How it accomplishes all three tasks is by introducing the Balance Ball as a piece of fitness equipment that adds the right amount of instability while you perform the exercise moves to engage core muscles you never even new existed.

Imagine yourself sitting on the balance ball as if you were sitting on a chair, your knees are together with both feet planted firmly in front of you. You now lean back slightly engaging the core muscles, the more so you do this the more instability you face increasing the level of intensity. You fight now to keep the ball from moving around all the while attempting the "normal" exercise routine.

You might be doing bicep exercises, or flys, perhaps some shoulder workouts or exercises that focus on your triceps with the stability ball. Whatever the exercise are, you now do them with the added difficulty of maintaining your stability. Tony Horton knows how to quite literally "kill two birds with one stone" in P90X2.

With the "Balance and Power" P90X2 workout you'll increase the difficulty level by adding a stability ball. This Balance Ball is a great tool used to create just the right amount of instability so that you have to stabilize your core while doing the exercises. In a single workout you'll not only build a stronger, more firm core, but also build the muscle groups you are conscientiously targeting with the exercises.

Medium Size: 55 cm diameter

If you're under 5'4" tall then the medium balance ball is just the right fit for you.

Large Size: 65 cm diameter

If you're 5'4" or taller than the large balance ball is going to be a good fit.

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