Insanity Asylum Volume 2

Insanity Asylum Volume 2
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Asylum 2



In THE ASYLUM Volume 1, Shaun T trained you inside
the Athletic Matrix to amp up your agility, speed, and power.
Now Shaun takes your skills to the next level with his
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM VOLUME 2 workouts—the next
30 days of pro athlete training designed to get your body leaner, faster, and stronger than ever. So you not only defeat the competition. You CRUSH IT!

Asylum Volume 2 DVDs

Get Competition-Crushing Results

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Volume 2 keeps your progress accelerating after Volume 1. It's the next 30 days of pro athlete training designed to give you the elite mindset, skills, and body to dominate any challenge that comes your way.

  • 7 New all-star workouts
  • The Playbook (step-by-step smart guide)
  • Get Shredded Volume 2 Nutrition Guide
  • 3-Step Quick-Start Guide
  • 30-day ASYLUM Volume 2 Wall Calendar
  • ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 Hybrid Calendar
  • Free Bonus workout DVD Pure Contact
  • Online Support

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    Shaun T

    Getting stronger, faster, and professional athlete results is what Asylum Volume 2 is for.

    DVD 1: X Trainer
    Challenge your speed, strength, power, and agility with this action sequence that will have you swimming in a pool of sweat. (50 minutes)

    DVD 2: Upper Elite
    Develop a superior upper body with Shaun's dynamic training sets—intimidating your opponents before the game even begins.(60 minutes)

    DVD 3: Ab Shredder
    Leave your entire body trembling with this ab-torching workout. No sit-ups or crunches—just the insane shred moves of pro athletes. (20 minutes)

    DVD 4: Power Legs
    Gain an elite competitive edge by punishing your entire lower body with this maximum muscle-recruitment workout. (55 minutes)

    DVD 5: Back & 6-Pack
    Build a lean, strong center with this 360-degree workout. These core-crushing moves will help you blow past your limits. (40 minutes)

    DVD 6: Championship + Bonus! Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)
    Get ready to pursue THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Championship. And this time, get put to the Fit Test at the END! (60 minutes)

    DVD 7: Off Day Stretch
    Relieve your aching muscles, improve your flexibility, and refocus your mind—so you're ready to crush it in your next competition. (30 minutes)


    Asylum 2 Guide Book

    The Playbook -
    Map out your next 30 days of extraordinary body transformation with
    this step-by-step smart guide.

    60-day THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 Hybrid Calendar -
    If you’re crazy enough to take on more, then double your championship
    efforts with this results-accelerating schedule of THE ASYLUM
    Volume 1/Volume 2 workouts.

    Asylum 2 Calendar

    Get Shredded Volume 2 -
    Don’t just train elite. EAT ELITE. Here’s more of what you loved about THE ASYLUM Volume 1 meal planner—Shaun’s favorite recipes. You may even get abs like Shaun T. Or at least your very own 6-pack.

    3-Step Quick-Start Guide. -
    This will have you jumping out of your seat to Push Play. It's the fastest way to join Shaun T and the rest of Team ASYLUM.

    30-day THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Wall Calendar. -
    Stay committed to seeing exceptional results by crossing off each day's
    workout as you go.

    Asylum Pure Contact

    BONUS DVD Pure Contact:

    DVD 8: Pure Contact
    When you order Insanity Asylum Volume 1 from Power Up Workouts
    we'll automatically add to your order the Bonus Workout "Pure Contact"
    absolutely free! (23 minutes)