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ChaLean Extreme → Serious Circuit Traning

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Chalene's new clinically proven fat-loss system combines two very familiar aspects of exercise, cardio and resistance training in a brand new way. The result is a system that boasts exercisers can lose up to 60% of their body fat in 3 short months with results beginning to show after just 30 days.

Who Is ChaLean Extreme For?

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ChaLean Extreme has often been described as P90X for women (if unfamiliar with P90X click on link). At the surface this may seem true, however this program is less about "bulking up" or getting "ripped" and more about burning layers of fat to reveal the toned muscle you've been working on beneath.

We like to think of this workout as more of a "Shed and Expose" program, geared more so to women whose desire is to not only lose weight but get toned, lean looking arms and legs. When it's all said and done, ChaLean Extreme is really for anyone who's willing to do the following:

1) Dedicate 90 Days To The Workout Regimen Set Out In The Program
2) Have An Intense Desire To Want To Change How You Look And Feel
3) Give 100% To Each Workout
4) Willing To Follow A Nutrition & Meal Plan Designed For ChaLean Extreme ( No Questions Asked)

More so than anything else, a willing and determined spirit and attitude to make changes in your life is what's truly needed to see successful results. If you have this, than ChaLean Extreme is right for YOU!

How Are These Results Possible? → The Secret To ChaLean Extreme

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In order to fully understand how the ChaLean Extreme results are possible you need to understand the Two major fitness myths Chalene Johnson debunks via this program. Understanding the WHY? this program was introduced is key to understanding the HOW? it works.

The first of these myths from the exercise industry is that cardio in of itself is the most effective solution to losing fat and therefore body weight. Chalene Johnson has deemed this to be a complete myth. She proclaims that building lean muscle mass is actually the best solution to burning fat. If an exam of Chalenes physique is any indication of the truthfulness of her statement, we'll accept this as fact.

The second exercise industry myth is that the end result of weight lifting is always bulking up. According to Chalene this is not always the case. In fact, because muscle helps burn fat you actually become leaner through the use of regular weight lifting and not the other way around.

Chalene looked at these myths from a different point of view and came up with the fitness idea of "LEAN PHASING" the secret to Chalean Extreme and the technique that makes the seemingly impossible results possible. This of course brings us to another question. What Is Lean Phasing?

Lean Phasing Explained

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Lean phasing is all about busting through the plateaus that every exerciser goes through at some point. Lean phasing is based on the exercise principle called "periodization" which simply means mixing it up, or periodically changing up what you do.

With ChaLean Extreme you're taken through 90 days of "Lean Phasing" that's broken into three 30 day phases.

Each 30 Day Phase Explained:

Phase 1 ~ BURN: Emphasis put on increasing your metabolism. Weight training exercises are utilized where the exerciser is pushed to "failure" within just to 10-12 reps of exercise. Phase 1 of this program is aptly named as you WILL feel the BURN.

Phase 2 ~ PUSH: After 30 days of Burn, play time is over and it's time to PUSH your muscles to the max. Using heavier weight you begin to hit failure between 6 & 8 reps. This phase is designed to help build your lean muscle foundation to burn fat, the core principle behind ChaLean Extreme. Each part of the body is worked out separately during this phase.

Phase 3 ~ LEAN: After 60 days, your metabolism has been lit, your muscles are prepped and ready to help burn fat and this is the phase where that happens! Your upper body, lower, and core are all engaged at the same time during this phase. This is the phase where you begin to see rapid and significant fat loss. The LEAN Phase!

Phase 4 ~ LEAN 4 LIFE: After 90 days of quite literally working your butt off, this is the optional phase that shows you how to keep it off.

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