Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe

Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe
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The Deluxe! → All You Need for a Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazil Butt Lift workout is the hottest and recently most sought after in home program Beachbody has to offer. Created by the world renowned Leandro Carvalho, most widely known for his butt sculpting abilities of some the most beautiful Victoria's Secret supermodels. Brazil Butt Lift is your way to a toned, curved, lean, sexy, beautiful butt without surgery and from the comfort of your own living room.

The DELUXE Package was designed with the serious butt lifting enthusiast in mind. If your fitness goal is to get in great shape while at the same time targeting a specific "problem" area, than the Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Package is for you. The Deluxe package is the total package, with ankle weights for added butt burning resistance, extra resistance bands, and extra workouts there will be nothing to hold you back from getting that Brazilian supermodel body you deserve.

FAQ #1. Do You Still Need To Watch Your Diet?

Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

Brazil Butt Lift Exercise

What's Included In The Deluxe Package?

  • 5 Workouts on 3 DVDs + Bonus Workout
  • Booty Basics Intro Video
  • Booty Makeover Guide with Booty Blueprint & customizable
  • workout calendars
  • Fat Burning Food Guide
  • 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown plan
  • Triangle Training Workout Cards
  • Booty Resistance Band
  • Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure
  • Booty Test Pencil
  • 3 more workouts on 2 DVDs
  • 1 Pair of ankle weights
  • 2 Additional Butt Lifting Resistance Bands

Brazil Butt Lift Secret

The Science Behind the Brazil Butt Lift

The science behind this amazing butt lifting exercise program could be summed up in three simple words - Reduce, Lift, and Shape.

Leandro Carvalho uses whats called the TriAngle Training method. This method works at lifting the butt because it works all three major muscles of the butt from multiple angles to reduce your thighs, hips, and midsection and lift your butt without overworking and causing a bulking up effect of those same areas.

To get a little bit deeper into the science behind the program consider that the whole butt area is composed of three major muscles, and each of those three muscles contain muscle "heads" that attach the muscles to your skeleton. The attachments are what keep your booty lifted and toned. Therefore by targeting the root cause of a sagging butt (the muscle 'heads') from different angles (triangles), he makes sure to deliver results and a sculpted butt.