21 Day Fix by Autumn Calabrese

21 Day Fix by Autumn Calabrese
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21 Day Fix DVDs

The 21 Day Fix Essential Package consists of:

Simple Fitness: 2 DVDs with 6 accessible, uncomplicated workouts. If you're ready to burn a surprising amount of calories in as little as half an hour a day you're ready for these workouts.

These exercise routines are designed to be short, so you don't have to spend a lot of time on them and can go on with your busy day. But be warned: this doesn't mean these workouts are easy to endure. These workouts are made to test you on every level so your calorie burn is maximized. It's also worth mentioning that they show a modifier that performs low intensity versions of each exercise so you can catch your breath if the workout gets too intense.

WORKOUT #1 Upper Fix: Training focused on molding your chest, shoulders, back, abs and arms.

WORKOUT #2 Lower Fix: Shape and firm your legs, hips and derriere and at the same time burn calories and lose weight.

WORKOUT #3 Total Body Cardio Fix: Get your heart rate going and accelerate your metabolism to the max even after you finish working out.

WORKOUT #4 Cardio Fix: Shed those pounds and burn the fat away with this pure cardio workout.

WORKOUT #5 Pilates Fix: Tone your thighs and hips, lengthen your muscles and shape your core with Pilates.

WORKOUT #6 Yoga Fix: Rest your body and boost your strength, flexibility and balance with these yoga moves.

Simple Eating Containers: Stop counting calories, cups, and ounces. Simpler is better when it comes to losing pounds and molding your body. 7 containers that are coded by color and a Shakeology shaker cup are all you need to guarantee your weight loss. These containers are designed to help you always eat the right servings. If your food fits in the container, eat it!

Blue - Healthy Fats and Cheese
Yellow - Carbohydrates
Purple - Fruit
Orange - Seeds and Oils
Green – Vegetables
Red – Protein

And a simple system that guarantees your success:

21 Day Fix Start Here:

This workout schedule and startup guide will show you how to get immediate results and achieve your weight loss goal in no time.

4 More Bonus Gifts:

21 Day Fix Eating Plan:

Enjoy healthy, delicious food minus the inconvenience of calorie counting and see how the pounds melt away. This easy nutritional plan guides you throughout the way and makes controlling your portions simple, so simple you won't even notice it.

3 Day Quick Fix:

Autumn Calabrese counts on the 3 Day Quick Fix to get ready for photo shoots or competitions when time is a factor. It delivers amazing results in only 72 hours. Guaranteed to help boost your results if performed the last 3 days of your 21 Day Fix Schedule.

Dirty 30 Workout:

Your body will be toned and improved with 4 rounds of calorie melting workouts.

24/7 Online Support: Get the expertise and encouragement you need from fitness experts and others who have tried and loved 21 Day Fix.

Guaranteed results or full refund of your money! You can experience the program on its full, all 3 weeks, and decide whether the results you got satisfy you or not. That's right! If 21 Day Fix does not fulfill your expectations, you get your money back! If you are not happy with the results, send the program back before 30 days and receive a full refund (minus shipping & handling). There is no wondering if the results will appear or not. They're guaranteed! There's no excuse not to try it!

Effortless nutrition. Uncomplicated workouts. Quick payoff.

There is a “simple as one, two, three” fitness and nutritional program that makes shedding pounds so easy that results can be noticed as quickly as 15 pounds in just three weeks! That's only 21 days!

All the uncertainty and anxiety of weight loss is gone with 21 Day Fix. You don't have to count, guess or wonder. All you have to do is follow simple portion control instructions and workout for half an hour a day. That's right, as simple as that.

You could be ready to show your body on that beach vacation in just 3 weeks, look gorgeous at your next reunion, or start off your big weight loss goal on the right foot! There's no complications, there's no waiting for ages, and there's no disappointment of seeing no results. You don't have to waste time and effort on diets that will get you nowhere. If you really have decided to do it, the 21 Day Fix program will help you shed those pounds once and for all.

portion fix containers

Don't Need The DVDs But Still Want The Program?

If so, the NEW Portion FIX Program (pictured to the left) makes mastering portion control so simple, anyone can do it. This nutrition system can be used on its own or complements any Beachbody® program and is sure to maximize your results.

Check Out Portion FIX the new program that uses 21 Day Fix containers, a how to guide and full recipe and meal plan. Also, get a free Large Blue Container for meals on the go with every purchase.

FAQ #1. Can I Just Get The Containers?

Absolutely! We now offer the 7 Container Set as a stand alone item. For just $17.85 you can jump start your nutrition with the 7 color coded- 21 Day Fix containers.